Frequently asked questions

What is Rowe Farms?

At Rowe Farms our approach to eating is simple. We believe the best approach to healthy eating is to consume sustainably raised, locally grown, minimally processed, organic foods.

Is this just for schools?

No! Our meat fundraisers are available to schools, youth sports teams, adult sports teams, dance and gymnastic studios, choirs, extracurricular clubs and other community organizations.

How successful are these fundraisers? 

Typically, they perform well. Parents and other community members often see more value in purchasing high quality local meat than, say, magazine subscriptions or cookie dough. Not that we don’t love cookies.

Does my meat arrive fresh or frozen? 

All meat will arrive frozen.

How much money can I raise? 

It depends on how much meat your group sells, but the margins are in your favour. If you visit our online store, you’ll see that donation amounts are clearly listed below the price of each product.